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Eritrea, with its history dating as far back as the stone ages, is a state in the horn of Africa, recently founded as a sovereign state in 1991 after the defeat of Ethiopia in a war of independence. The capital Asmara, locally called Asmera and commonly referred as “Piccola Roma“ (Little Rome), amasses shining Art Decos architectural wonders. Lonely Planet website has named Asmara, as world’s 4th comeback city and Africa’s 1st best city. On its 1000-plus km coastline on the Red Sea, the port city of Massawa abounds with Turkish, Egyptian, Arabic and European influences. It is also the starting point for visits to the Dahlak Archipelago, the many beautiful Dahlak Islands, one of the least spoilt and least known reefs in the Red Sea. Southern Eritrea features a superb array of archaeological sites such as Qohaito (Kohaito), Matara (Metera), Keskese, Tecondae etc that recount volumes of history.

It is also home to exotic and mystic Monasteries wrapped in legend such as Debre Bizen, Debre Sina, Tsaeda Emba, Debre Libanos, etc.

The apocalyptic wasteland of Denkalia, housing some of Eritrea’s beautiful birds and wildlife, is considered one of the most arresting places on earth. Eritrea’s nine colorful ethnic groups are culturally diverse and are a major highlight.

As is attested by Interpol, many investigative journalists and hordes of visiting tourists, Eritrea still remains one of the World’s most peaceful, secure and welcoming destinations. Having Explore Eritrea Travel & Tours on your side will make your visit and stay like once in a life time and never to be missed intellectual and emotional odyssey.

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