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Customer Testimonials

virtual touristThe Best Tour Agency in Africa

by DAO Written on Virtualtourist, Feb 25, 2016

Perfect. This is the best word I can use to describe the service, skills and hospitality of these fantastic folks. The first thing you will find with Explore Eritrea Travel & Tours is that they answer emails immediately. They also can and will tailor your tour to you and what you want to do. I gave them 8 days and they gave me Eritrea. When I arrived at 4am, Alam the Guide and Ephraim the driver were waiting for me with smiles and a warm welcome. For the next 8 days they made sure everything ran on time, that my days were filled with adventures and that I enjoyed every minute. Alam is an amazing guide who can converse with people of multiple tribes and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Eritrea. As we drove through the cities, mountains and hills Alam kept me fully informed on the history, culture, cuisine, flora and fauna of this picturesque country.

Ephraim was a great driver. He drove the massive 4×4 with skill and in a safe manner at all times. He told me one day that it was better to get there safe rather than fast. The other great thing is that whenever we saw wild animals he was quick to stop so we could get photos. I enjoyed his driving and his company.

Alam and Explore made sure that I had good hotels, good restaurants and had no issues at all. The few times there were some minor difficulties, Alam ensured it all went smoothly. I knew the night before the full schedule and timings for the next day and he and Ephraim never missed a beat. We were always on time, saw all the promised sights and saw a few bonus sights along the way.

I cannot recommend Explore Eritrea Travel & Tours enough. Eritrea is best explored through and agency and this is the best agency. The owners also asked me to rate their services my last night. It was easy to tell them that I rated them a 10 out of 10. I also gave them a VT Award to recognise their amazing services.

I loved every minute of my adventure. I gave Alam and Ephraim a big hug when I left. Well done Explore Eritrea!


trip advisory UKExplore Eritrea Travel Agency

Posted by Louise W, Ankara, Turkey, on Trip Advisor UK, 18 October 2013, 4:15

After visiting Eritrea in June, I would like to recommend Explore Eritrea Travel Agency. They were very flexible with last minute changes after my flight got changed and I arrived a day late and they adjusted the itinerary to adapt to this change. To add to the inconvenience, my suitcase was offloaded by the airline in Khartoum during the transit stop on the way there and I was informed it would only arrive 3 days later so the travel agency

arranged for me to stop at a shop and pick up some necessities to get me through. When my suitcase finally arrived, Explore Eritrea were thoughtful enough to pick it up from the airport and send a driver to deliver it to the hotel which was a nice touch. Also, my travel buddy was unable to get a tourist visa in Bahrain as the Eritrean Embassy had closed down so the travel agent arranged one for him.

Asmara and Massawa are both interesting places to visit but by far the highlight is Dhalak Islands for beautiful, unspoilt and unoccupied beaches. We spent 2 nights here camping with tents set up by the tour guide, a private boat and a cook. The tour guide provided was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions and share his experiences of the country and the many changes it has undergone. We went scuba diving and both agreed it was the best variety of fish we have seen. As there are very few tourists going to Eritrea for diving the fish come really close which makes the experience that much better. Both mornings we woke up to sea turtles and dolphins close to shore where we were camping! The trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience!