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Eritrea Attractions & Interesting Places To Visit

St Mary Orthodox Church (foreground), the Grand Mosque & the Roman Cathedral (background)

St Mary Orthodox Church (foreground), the Grand Mosque & the Roman Cathedral (background)

ASMARA – “A City above the Clouds” With a perfect climate, remarkable architecture, spotless and safe streets, Asmara ranks among the most pleasant and remarkable capitals on the African continent and in the world. Asmara stands alone as the only capital, other than Cairo, that is founded on the ruins of culture that gave birth to contemporary life; as such it resembles other capitals that boast great antiquity, such as Rome or Athens. It traces back its origin to 800BC with a population ranging from 100 to 1000 people.

Places of Interest: The Roman Catholic Cathedral, St Mary Orthodox Church, Governor’s Palace, Old Opera House (now Cinema Asmara), Fiat Tagliero building, The Shuq (Market) and more…

Port city of Massawa - Pearl of the Red Sea

Port city of Massawa – the Pearl of the Red Sea

MASSAWA – “The Pearl of the Red Sea” Massawa! A city which for centuries has been one of the region’s most important ports, a city whose charm has been influenced over the past centuries by the Portuguese, the Arabs, the Turks, the Egyptian, the British, the Italians and, most of all, the Eritreans themselves. Situated on the Red Sea Coast, 115 Kilometers away from Asmara, Massawa is one of the oldest and most historic cities of Eritrea. Known to have been inhabited by Muslims in the 10th century AD, it fell under the Turkish domination in the 16th century.

Places of Interest: Seraligo Palace (Ex. Imperial Palace), St Mary’s Cathedral, Shafi Mosque (1000 years old),Tank Monument and more…

Pristine waters and white sand beaches of the Dahlak Archipelago

Pristine waters and white sand beaches of the Dahlak Archipelago

THE DAHLAK ISLANDS Scattered over a vast area of the Red Sea like a string of pearl upon the azure, translucent waters of the Red Sea, more than 350 Eritrean islands remain one of the last great unspoilt destinations in the world more…

Such unspoiled waters and the abundance of fish life and the wonderful corals make the Red Sea and the Dahlak Islands scuba-divers paradise, an aquatic wonderland for all water-based activities such as:- Scuba Diving & Snorkelling, Shipwrecks off the Massawa Coast, Water Skiing, Surf-riding and Sailing, Beach Recreation & Swimming and more…

Dahlak Kebir Island, the largest island, has a Necropolis with Kufic inscriptions, as well as ancient water cisterns.

Keren's Colorful Monday Market

Keren’s Colorful Monday Market

KEREN – “the Cultural capital of Eritrea

Keren, meaning highland, is one of Eritrea’s most attractive towns. Keren lies 91kms North West of Asmara in the Anseba region and is the capital that region. Keren has always been attractive to foreigners, recently starting with the Swiss adventurer Werner Munzinger who arrived here in 1855.

Places of Interest: Forto, St Mary of Daarit, British & Italian Cemetery,Italian Railway Station and more…




Ancient port of Adulis

ADULIS is one of the ancient ports once numbering among the greatest ports of the ancient world that has links to the Roman, Egyptian and Greek World Empires more

GULF OF ZULA is a deep cleft in Eritrea’s coastline, plunging 50 kilometers southwards, which is the birthplace of the Great Rift Valley on the African continent more

Sulfur Stains, Danakil Depression

Sulfur Stains, Danakil Depression

THE DENAKIL DEPRESSION is one of the lowest points on the earth not covered by water and one of the most forbidding and inhospitable landscapes in the world, it is starkly dramatic yet with a beauty and appeal all of its own more…

Giant Pillars at the famous Archeological Site of Qohaito

Giant Pillars, Qohaito

QOHAITO (Kohaito) situated about 125km south of Asmara, has ruins of palaces and sites of an ancient dam that date back to the times of Queen Saba more…

BELEW-KELEW/ MATARA ruins, possibly the site of the ancient city of Koleo, and 5m stele (obelisk) with an inscription that dates back to the 3rd century B.C. On the top is a symbol of South Arabian divinity, a disc over a crescent. The site covers about 10 hectares, and is known amongst locals as Belew Kelew more

Panorama of Debrebizen.

Debre Bizen Monastery

DEBRE BIZEN MONASTERY Perched on a mountain at a pinnacle of 2450m above sea level is founded by Abune Filipos in 1361 to protect his monks from “the temptation of women”; it is the most prominent beacon and symbol of Christianity in Eritrea, wrapped in legend and history more…

Leopard, Filfil Forest

Leopard, Filfil Forest

FILFIL the most beautiful country side in all of Eritrea that contains the last remnants of Eritrea’s once abundant evergreen tropical forest, home to an impressive array of birds and mammals. Permanently green, it is covered with lush forests and plantations more…

HAM – Debre Libanos Monastery dating back to the 6th Century AD is located in Ham. One can see the graves, mummies and religious artifacts dating back to the 4th century AD.

RORA BAKLA & RORA HABAB – Ancient site of ruins, stele, and caved lion statues plus etching of the animals are some of the sites worth visiting.