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Exciting Hiking And Biking To Eritrea

Steep climbing to Mount Matara, Senafe

Steep climbing to Mount Matara, Senafe

Join a group and go hiking and biking to the land of grandeur, beauty and contrast. Eritrea’s animal life, plant life and birds are various and aplenty. Also experience its beauteous scenery, lush forests and year round pleasant climate.


Duration: 9 Days Minimum number of participants: 10

Valid  from until: 14 – 22 October 2016

                          18 – 26 November 2016

                          16 – 24 December 2016

1 Free Ticket: A lot will be thrown among the 10 travelers and the lucky one will get a free ride for the whole trip. This does not include the exclusives (international e-ticket fares, entry visa fees, insurance and other expenses not included with this program).


Oct 14, 2016: Arrival to Asmara. Meet, Assist and Transfer to hotel (Overnight Asmara)

Upon arrival at Asmara International Airport, you will be met, assisted and transferred to your hotel.

Oct 15, 2016: Sightseeing of Asmara – the modernist city (Overnight Asmara)

Discover Africa’s best Art Deco architectures dating from the Italian period (early 20th Century). Take a stroll among Asmara’s spectacular architectures such as the Roman Catholic cathedral (completed in 1923), Albergo Italia (1899), the Post office (1916), St Mary Coptic church (1938), Al Khulafa al Rashedin (1938), Fiat Tagliero building (1938), Hamasien Hotel (1916), Medeber Market (famous recycling depot), National Museum, Tank graveyard etc.

Keren's Colorful Market

Keren’s Colorful Market

Go hiking or biking to Durfo Valley, 10 km on the Asmara-Massawa highway, and enjoy with panoramic views sight of a rugged and beautiful mountain landscapes. Take a short stop at the British and Italian WWII cemeteries.

Oct 16, 2016: Biking to Keren (overnight Keren)

Thrilling biking to the charming town of Keren. Take a short stop at Elabered state, a modern farming estate started around 1893 by an Italian Entrepreneur. Surrounded by mountains and with its land clad with lush greeneries, one can catch a glimpse of spectacular views. It is also an excellent spot for birding and photography. Visit the famous Mariam Dearit inside a Baobab, the British and Italian cemeteries of World War II, the old Railway Station from 1930’s, the 19th century Tigu Egyptian Fort and St. Antony Romanesque Church and the old Mosque.

Hiking on sandy beaches, Massawa

Hiking on sandy beaches, Massawa

Oct 17, 2016: Port city of Massawa (overnight Massawa)

Early morning visit Keren’s colorful markets: camel market, livestock market, wood market, jewelry market and souvenir market.

Take the zigzag highway to Massawa by Filfil Forest. Hike around Filfil Forest. It is one of the best places for birding (weavers, orioles, hornbills, owls, eagles, black-winged woodpecker, warbler and many more), wildlife enthusiast (vervet monkeys, hamadryads baboons, bushbuck, kudu, duiker, klipspringer, warthog, etc). Travel further to Massawa.

Oct 18, 2016: Massawa (Overnight Massawa)

Walking across Turkish-Egyptian-Italian Buliding, Massawa

Walking across Turkish-Egyptian-Italian Building, Massawa

Discover Massawa’s exquisite Turkish, Egyptian and European architectures, shopping arcades, beautiful mosques, delicious seafood and famous

nightclubs. Take a 15 minutes delightful boat trip to Green Island, and go swimming and snorkeling. Hike or bike to Massawa’s outskirts, endowed with many good looking rugged plains and pastureland in its outskirts, and clean sandy beaches on the Red Sea coast, which is a haven for both nature lovers and bird watchers.

Oct 19, 2016: Trekking in Alla-Gaden green way (Overnight Adikeih)

Travel back from Massawa enjoying the spectacular scenery of peaks and valleys all the way to Asmara.

On top of vast canyon, Qohaito

On top of vast canyon, Qohaito

En route starting from the Nefasi, a village 25 km from Asmara, go trekking or biking to Alla-Gaden green, via the town of Dekemhare to Adikeih. This route takes you through some of Eritrea’s most fertile country. Villages of Alla & Gaden are noted for their extensively irrigated vegetable, fruit and cereal plantations. On the way you will encounter abundant bird species, sweeping plains, panoramic mountain views, gorges, valleys, streams and other land features.

Tigrinya villages on the Massaaw - Dekemhare road

Tigrinya villages on the Massawa – Dekemhare road

Oct 20, 2016: Ancient City of Qohaito (Overnight Asmara)

Hiking to ancient city of Qohaito (Kohaito) – one of Eritrea’s largest and most famous archeological site, located 11km from Adikeih (a town located 121 km south of Asmara). Its impressive ruins are spread over large area measuring 2.5km wide by 1.5km long. Enjoy the wondrous sceneries from the top of the Vast Canyon – overlooking all the way below to the Red Sea coast. Travel uphill while enjoying the magnificent scenery and lush vegetation all the way to Asmara.

Oct 21, 2016: Mountaineering to Mount Matara (Overnight Asmara)

Travel from Adikeyh to Senafe.

Thrilling trekking to Mount Matara

         Thrilling trekking to Mount Matara

Exciting trekking to Metera (Matara/ Belew Kelew), equivalent to an important ancient town named Koleo from 2nd century AD, situated 20km south of Qohaito, house some of Eritrea’s most important historical sites.

Exhilarating mountaineering and steep climbing to Mount Matara. Travel uphill while enjoying the magnificent scenery and lush vegetation all the way to Asmara. En route visit the town of Segeneiti- a lush fertile area. Visit the huge Sycamore tree locally known as Daaro revered by the locals –for its beauty, for its generous shade, for its fruitful home for beehives and for providing important social purpose– as it form a place where the community can assemble for discussions and debates. The tree has been immortalized on the five-nakfa note.

Oct 22, 2016: Free to discover Asmara at your leisure time. Transfer to the airport for departure.  

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