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Eritrea Tour & Travel Packages


Explore Eritrea Travel & Tours has an expertise in organizing tailor made individual and group tours and providing tour packages in all parts of Eritrea. Our tour packages come in three forms.

Electrifying Organized Group Tours to Eritrea

 Electrifying Organized Group Tours to Eritrea

Land-oriented packages

Include trips by tourist buses and 4WDs (land cruisers) to Archeological sites, birding, camping, desert safari, mountaineering, climbing, cycling, et cetera. This package also comprises cultural dance shows, intermingling with the local people for cultural appreciation, elaborate coffee ceremony et cetera.

Thrilling boat trip to the Dahlak Islands

  Thrilling boat trip to the Dahlak Islands

Sea-oriented packages

Include exciting boat  trips to the Dahlak Islands that comprises snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, discovering the islands endemic and beautiful fauna and flora et cetera.

Exhilarating steam train trip

Exhilarating steam train trip

Railway packages

Include thrilling short and long trip by 19th Century steam train. For short trips, from Asmara to Nefasit and back; for long trips that stretches all the way from Asmara to Massawa along steep slopes and mountain gorges, which comprises sightseeing, coffee ceremony inside the train, taking snapshots et cetera.


Meskel (finding of the true cross) Ceremony

Meskel (finding of the true cross) Ceremony

Special Interest

Our special interest tour are meant for those with a special passion such as colorful cultures, exquisite Art Deco discovery, ancient historical sites, monasteries, bird watching, cycling, rock climbing, fishing, local festivals and more. These tours can be seasonal, so if you can’t see the tour that caters for your personal interest please get in touch and we will tailor-make your perfect itinerary.


We can also develop customized tour packages according to your budget requirements and days in hand. Our affordable tour packages have been specially designed to deepen your experience of this beautiful country with full of natural diversity and scenic views of various regions.

Hence, kindly note that the below recommended itineraries can be tailored to your tastes and personal specifics. So, please provide us more information such as the duration of your trip, places you like to visit and more; we are at your service!


Tour 1 – Explore Eritrea in 12 Days

All-inclusive tour itinerary of Eritrea’s best attraction sites.

Tour 2 – Diving to the Dahlak Islands

Thrilling Diving, snorkeling, swimming and other water sports to the Dahlak Islands – one of the least spoilt in the Red Sea, with pristine sandy beaches and profuse with flora and fauna- an aquatic wonderland and a diver’s paradise.

Tour 3 – Architectural Tour

Discover Africa’s Best Art Deco Architectural Gems

Explore myriads of ornate art deco architectures in Eritrea major cities and towns, with its capital Asmara declared as the best African city and world’s fourth best attraction city.

Tour 4 – Archeological Tour

Discover Ancient History/ Archeological

Discover ruins of ancient civilizations that abound in many parts of the country such as the ancient port of Adulis, Gulf of Zula, Qohaito (Kohaito), Matara (Metera), Tekondae and Keskese.

Tour 5 – Desert/ Wildlife Safari + Camel Trekking

Imagine a wondrous epic adventure on the way to Denakil Desert, considered one of the most arresting places on earth and home to abundant wild and bird life, which could be coupled with a camel ride.

Tour 6 – Discover Enchanting Culture + Nature

Discovery into the ineffability cultural tapestry of the Eritrean society.

Every ethnic group has its peculiar culture is rich in artifacts, oral history, dances and music including uniqueness in the construction of houses, hairstyle, cuisine and more.

Tour 7 – Thrilling Cycling Trip

11-days thrilling cycling trip across Eritrea’s different regions, with beauteous and variegated sceneries.