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Tour 5 – Desert/ Wildlife Safari + Camel Trekking To Eritrea

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Thrilling camel trekking, Danakil Desert

Imagine a wondrous epic adventure on the way to Denakil Desert, considered one of the most arresting places on earth and home to abundant wild and bird life, which could be coupled with a camel ride.

Duration: 08 Days/ 09 Nights
Destinations covered: Asmara, Massawa, Foro, Erafile, Gelalo, Buri Peninsula and more.


Day 1: Arrival to Asmara. Meet, Assist and Transfer to hotel (Overnight Asmara)
Upon arrival at Asmara International Airport, you will be met, assisted and transferred to your hotel.

Day 2: Asmara city tour (Overnight Asmara)
Visit Asmara, the city called as ‘Piccola Roma’ (Little Rome) and observe its most shining collection of Art Deco (A style of design, marked by stylized forms and geometric designs, which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s) architectural wonders portrayed in many of its buildings such as:

The Roman Catholic cathedral, St Mary Coptic church, Al Khulafa al Rashedin, Market [vegetable, spices, souvenir, Medeber (recycling depot)], National Museum, Fiat Tagliero building, Tank graveyard etc.

Day 3: Asmara- Filfil- Massawa (Overnight Massawa)
Drive from Asmara via a zigzag road to Keren- one of Eritrea’s most attractive towns. As time allows, visit the charming town of Keren which was once favorite resort for European visitors because of the temperate climate and fertile soil, and a place where the decisive battles of WWII carried out between the British and the Italians.

Some of the things to see in Keren include: the famous Mariam Dearit inside a Baobab, the British and Italian cemeteries of World War II, the old Railway Station from 1930’s, the 19th century Tigu Egyptian Fort and St. Antony Romanesque Church and the old Mosque.

Adventurous expeditions to the wondrous Danakil Desert

Adventurous expeditions to the wondrous Danakil Desert

Day 4: Massawa – Foro – Adulis – Zula – Erafaile – Gelalo (Overnight Gelalo)
Drive from Massawa to ancient port of Adulis and the Gulf of Zula.

The epic adventure starts from Massawa. Striking and diversified topographies, punctuated by scenic bays and inlet to the Red Sea, abundant bird and wildlife, spectacular views and refreshing coastline are part of this terrain. Heading South of Massawa, you come across Emba Gedem (Mount Gedem – a mountain chain rising 1000m above sea level and stretching some 30km) – home to acacia woodland, and Ostriches, Gazelles, terrestrial and marine birds.

The town of Foro is situated at the ending of the mountain range. Visit ancient port of Adulis and the Gulf of Zula, located some 6km from Foro. The village of Erafaile, popular for its hot spring, lies at the end of the Gulf of Zula.

Travel further to Denakil Desert along the coastline further to Gelalo.

Day 5: Gelalo – Buri Peninsula – Gelalo (Overnight Gelalo)

the endangered wild ass

The endangered wild ass

Drive to Buri Peninsula, situated on the Danakil east of the Gulf of Zula renowned for its volcanoes and wildlife.

Visit the Buri Peninsula that noted for its spectacular landscape of semi desert and Acacia woodlands with basaltic lava flow, while the shorelines dotted with mangrove forest dominated by Avicinnia marina, an important breeding ground for fish and crustaceans. It is also home a number of wild life species such as a high population of the endangered African wild ass, Dorcas and summering gazelles, ostrich, jackals and others.

At its mouth sits an important archeological site known as “Abdur Reef” -where it is believed that the earliest human beings first set about to exploit marine resources some 125,000 years ago.

Excitingly variegated topographies around the Gulf of Zula

Excitingly variegated topographies around the Gulf of Zula

Day 6: Gelalo- Wongobo Crater – Buya – Erafaile – Massawa (Overnight Massawa)
Travel from Gelalo by Erafaile to Massawa.

En route visit a striking site called Wongobo Crater that is enclosed by a mountain chain, covered by acacia woodland that would make it a nice habitat for wildlife like Gazelles and Ostriches.

Right after Wongobo, sits another famous archeological site called Buya. An old cranium of Hominoid dating 1.5 million years old, fossils of extinct species such as Rhino, Elephant and others are also discovered here.

Day 7: Massawa – Gurgusum beach swimming, rest and recreation (Overnight Massawa)

Remains of an extinct Elephant species unearthed at Buya

Remains of an extinct Elephant species unearthed at Buya

Remains of an extinct Elephant species unearthed at Buya
In the morning, visit the port city of Massawa – City of islands and the ‘Pearl of the Red Sea’, a city which for centuries has been one of the region’s most important ports.

With its exquisite Turkish-style architecture and shopping arcades, beautiful mosques and delicious sea food, Massawa is the perfect destination to cater for all tastes. In addition to the city’s attractions, pristine beaches and enjoyable swimming are available just a short distance from the city center.

Visit the colorful Rashaida tribes the last Semetic people to arrive in Eritrea.

The magnificent Rashaida women are known for their black and red geometrically patterned dresses, their long and heavy veil – burga – elaborately embroiled with silver threads, beads and sometimes seed peals.

Day 8: Massawa – Ghindae – Asmara (Overnight Asmara)
Drive back from Massawa enjoying the spectacular scenery of peaks and valleys all the way to Asmara.

Day 9: Free day in Asmara. Transfer to airport for Departure.