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Tour 6 – Discover Enchanting Culture + Nature

Tourists buying sea shells and beads from Afar tribes, Dissie Island

Tourists buying sea shells and beads from Afar tribes, Dissie Island

Discovery into the ineffability cultural tapestry of the Eritrean society. Every ethnic group has its peculiar culture is rich in artifacts, oral history, dances and music including uniqueness in the construction of houses, hairstyle, cuisine and more.


Duration: 8 Days

Minimum number of participants: 10

Valid  from until: 27 October – 03 November 2016

                                      13 – 20 November 2016

                                      25 December 2016 – 01 January 2017

1 Free Ticket: A lot will be thrown among the 10 travelers and the lucky one will get a free ride for the whole trip. This does not include the exclusives (international e-ticket fares, entry visa fees, insurance and other expenses not included with this program).


Day 1: Arrival to Airport. Meet, Assist and Transfer to hotel (Overnight Asmara)

Upon arrival at Asmara International Airport, you will be met, assisted and transferred to your hotel.

Day 2: Sightseeing of Asmara (Overnight Asmara)

Visit Asmara, the city called as ‘Piccola Roma’ (Little Rome) and observe its most shining collection of Art Deco (A style of design, marked by stylized forms and geometric designs, which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s) architectural wonders portrayed in many of its buildings such as:

The Roman Catholic cathedral, St Mary Coptic church, Al Khulafa al Rashedin, Market [vegetable, spices, souvenir, Medeber (recycling depot)], National Museum, Fiat Tagliero building, Tank graveyard etc.

Tigre tribes performing

Tigre tribe performing

Day 3 – Day 4: Asmara – Keren (Overnight Keren)

Bilen Dancing

Bilen tribe Dancing


Visit Tigre & Bilen community in the environs of Keren.

The Tigre Tribes are known for their rich oral tradition and their flair for poetry and singing. The Bilen Tribes that speak ancient Cushitic language- Beja language- and whose women are known for their brightly colored clothes, nose rings and henna tattoos.

Day 5: Keren- Filfil – Massawa (Overnight Massawa)

The colorful Keren market is every Mondays. Visit the bustling market that comprises camel, livestock, pottery, straw products, silver jewelry, etc.

In the afternoon, travel from Keren to the Red Sea Coast and the port city of Massawa- the pearl of the Red sea.

En route visit the evergreen Filfil- the Green Belt region lies to the northeast of Asmara, part of the Semenawai Bahri area. It is covered with lush forests and vegetation and home to an impressive array of birds and mammals such as vervet monkeys and hamadryas baboons.

It is the most picturesque loop in Eritrea, with innumerable zigzag bends, jaw-dropping vistas, cool air and sometimes a veil of mist which adds a touch of the bizarre. This route, known as the Pendice Orientali (meaning ‘Eastern Slope’), takes you though some of the most dramatic and diverse landscape in Eritrea. It makes a great day excursion.

Gurgsum beach swimming, rest and recreation.

Rashaida traditional dances

Rashaida tribes traditional costume & dancing

Day 6 – Day 7: Massawa – Nefasit – Asmara (Overnight Asmara)

Tigrinya tribe family and Hidmo (traditional house)

Tigrinya tribe family and Hidmo (traditional house)

Visit Rashaida community in the environs of Massawa.

The Rashaida tribes the last Semetic people to arrive in Eritrea. The magnificent Rashaida women are known for their black and red geometrically patterned dresses, their long and heavy veil – burga – elaborately embroiled with silver threads, beads and sometimes seed peals.

Day 8 – Day 9: Asmara- Dekemhare- Adikeih (Overnight Dekemhare)

Visit Tigrinya community in the environs of Dekemhare.

The Tigrinya tribes, which make up about half of the population of Eritrea, speak a Semitic language called Tigrinya, one of the country’s official languages. They are mostly agriculturalists. The Tigrinya women wear a very unique plaited hair-style of the women. It is usually done by plaiting the hair in fine strands very close to the scalp. The finer the strands, the more painful the ordeal, and the more acceptable the outcome in the Eritrean aesthetic traditional.

Visit Saho community in the environs of Adikeyh. The Saho tribes are mostly farmers. They were reputed as warriors, and were often enlisted to escort trade caravans to the port city of Massawa. They are also known for their penchant for honey and skill for beekeeping

Day 10: Adikeyh – Asmara. Transfer to airport for departure.

Drive uphill while enjoying the magnificent scenery and lush vegetation all the way to Asmara.

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