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When To Visit


There is no time of the year that is unsuitable for visiting Eritrea.

Asmara and the highlands have a very pleasant climate all year round, the hottest months being May to June with highs of about 27°C – 30°C. There are little rains in March and April and heavy rains from late June to the beginning of September. These rains are unlikely to impede travel or general enjoyment of the highlands.

On the coast, September to March are good months to visit: it is not insufferably hot and skies are likely to be clear. While it is warm enough to swim, the winter months of February to April can be cloudy. However, it has a very hot climate between June and September. Massawa regularly has temperatures in the mid 40s°C and there is no significant fluctuation between day- and night-time temperatures. If rain does fall, it is in winter.


The best time to visit is:

All year round, but best months are September to April both for the highlands and lowlands/ coastal areas.